Clear Choice’s Rescue Cleanse has cultivated a reputation for over a decade of being just about the best detox drink for weed smokers that money can buy. Sadly, the reality is in America that just about anybody and everybody might have to worry about this kind of thing one day. Whether you’re a mail office clerk or a professional athlete, drug tests are extremely common despite the immorality and discrimination of the entire concept. After all, what’s the big deal about smoking a joint on the weekends, compared to getting slammed off some liquor every night and showing up to work hungover every morning? Regardless, Clear Choice is known for the best detox drink for weed cleansing for a reason, and they’ve got your back.

    As Long As You Follow The Instructions Anyways


    Even the very best detox drink will never work for anybody unless the instructions are followed properly. Take this article as a gentle reminder that if you try this product out one day, do be sure to read very carefully and take the process seriously. I’ve seen way too many negative reviews of all kinds on all sorts of websites for this detox drink and others, only for them to admit themselves that they didn’t follow the instructions to a tee. When it comes to something like using a detox drink to try and pass a drug test at work, it’s pretty worthwhile to do a bit of close reading for a few minutes.

    They’re Not All The Same


    Also, if you’re thinking that just because you’ve tried a different detox drink before in the past you can do the same thing with Clear Choice, that’s not a great idea. They didn’t become the best detox drink for weed smokers to rely on by using a generic and standard formula. They have a unique recipe which means unique instructions that need to be followed. For example, some drinks need to be drunk only two hours before the test, and some require you to stop smoking a couple days before you do the detox, things like that. So for the last time, read the instructions!

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