People nowadays spend too much time being busy, and not enough time to enjoy themselves. They want the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle, and not the peace and quiet of alone time. This may explain why people take more showers and less baths.

To be fair, a bath takes a lot of time to setup. In contrast, a shower is just a matter of hopping into the shower stall, letting the water run, soak, soap, rinse and you can be done in 5 minutes. This is a lot less time than drawing the water for the bath.

A quick shower has its uses, but a refreshing long bath takes the cake when it comes to self-enjoyment. If you like pampering yourself at a spa, freestanding baths are for you. These are standalone units that can be installed in the bathroom, away from the wall, giving prominence to the enjoyment it can give.

The benefits of freestanding baths have been overlooked for years. There has been a decline in the use of baths due to the need to either save on hot water, or for a quick change due to busy schedules. Seldom do people mind the luxury of a bath, but they also don’t want to waste the time to do it.

There is elegance to a bathtub standing in the middle of a room, or even just a little bit away from the wall. It also helps a lot when it comes to maintenance. You still need to waterproof the floor and immediate wall, as the water can splash and do some damage. When the wall is not waterproofed, mould and mildew can occur. They may lie growing inside the walls. There can also be some leaching, where minerals calcify and produce ugly patterns on the walls, floors or even ceilings.

That should not be a surprise. No matter if you have a built-in shower stall, or an installed enclosure, or a bathtub, you still need waterproofing. This is the most important part of a bathroom. It ensures that mould growth is minimised. Water seepage can also do damage to walls and ceilings. These are the regular problems that happen in bathrooms; they come with the territory.

When it comes to baths, people get personal about it. They want their time to be uninterrupted. Some famous people work in the bath. Others require it to relax their nerves. The bath still has a draw when it comes to personal hygiene. It is different from taking a shower. It is more personal. It can be more meaningful, in a zen-like sort of way. It can also be healthier, as some people would swear by it along with some aromatherapy scents and candles.

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