When you have a reliable removals/storage service near you, one you can depend on because friends and family have been valued customers, there’s no reason to put the stress on yourself, a few friends, and a borrowed truck. Save a lot of time and avoid the work by arranging for specialists in packing, removals, and storage. Be the educated consumer and schedule a consultation today. After all, preparing your family or small business for a move is stressful enough without having to perform the task itself. Always make sure that the company you use is a member of a recognised association such as www.bar.co.uk.

One of the typical responses from people who have used professional removal service is this simple statement: “We just hired the best and relaxed.” These customers were able to visit the website, gather some general and essential information, then make a phone call to get the process started. At a scheduled time, the experts arrived to pack their possessions, load them with care, transport them to the new location, and unload the items with equal care. Customers receive real, full-service removals, every time.

Understanding Your Specific Needs

When you begin to work with professionals such as the ones you’ll find at http://www.charles-wood.co.uk, you’ll soon discover they know the requirements of each customer. For domestic removals, they will, of course, handle:

  • Removal and storage of all your belongings
  • Complete packing and unpacking services
  • Materials supplied if you decide to take care of the packing on your own
  • Insurance coverage for your peace of mind

For business removals, the service can include:

  • Dismantling desks and reassembling them
  • Removal and storage of data and files
  • Complete packing and unpacking services
  • Insurance coverage for your peace of mind

You’ll also benefit from the offer of complete-contents removal, handling of single items, options for storage, service on weekdays and weekends, special handling for fragile/valuable items. When you have a full-service company working for you and with you, make sure you ask about secure storage options for those items that don’t need to be transported immediately. Talk to a representative about this when you call to arrange a free, no-obligation survey of your removals needs.

Every Detail

Companies that have been leading the way in this industry for many years understand that moving a family or a business can be stressful enough without the customer having to worry about every detail. This level of personal service is the best recommendation for using a reliable, well-known service. You’ll have peace of mind knowing all your furniture, equipment, and possessions are being handled with extreme care. That knowledge alone will go a long way toward reducing your worry.

As you make your arrangements with these specialists, be sure to provide instructions on placement of furniture and other items at the new location. If you’ve chosen the unpacking service, your objects will be carefully unpacked and unwrapped, with fragile items placed on a sturdy, flat surface, unless you instruct the company differently. Packing materials will be disposed of as well, so you don’t have to be concerned about this part of the cleanup. For flexible packing, transport, and unpacking solutions, why settle for anything less than the best?

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