Can We Overcome Fatigue?

When we are taken by surprise by fatigue at some point during the day we need to find quick and effective tips to overcome the temptation of sleeping right away. Here are some handy tips to follow in order to remain alert all through your day.

Get Good Rest

We can simply neveroveremphasize on having a long sleeping period. It is virtually impossible to stay healthy and in good shape when we are not having good nights’ rest. In the event that you under the impression that you are suffering from a sleeping disorder you would want to contact a physician as soon as possible. Ensure that you are going to bed at a regular and consistent time and waking up at a regular and consistent time. Leaving stress outside of your bed is absolutely key as it will prevent you from having a sound sleep. In the event that you are extremely tired during your day and cannot keep your eyes open, you might want to try taking a nap of 20 minutes during the day, ideally between noon and 3 pm.


Are you having difficulty finding the motivation to move when you are exhausted? Sports will actually have what it takes to get us the boost of energy that we need. How? Neurotransmitters that act on well being and stress, endorphins and serotonin are secreted by our body after 30 minutes of sustained workout.

Eating Well

A good rich breakfast in the morning, a protein lunch at noon and a light dinner in the evening; this is how to avoid fatigue throughout the day. And if you have small night time cravings, there are some snacks out there that will not disturb your night sleep but will give you the satisfaction that you need. Also, some foods could give you a boost and help maintain your energy level.

Anti-Fatigue Foods

Magnesium, a natural anti-stress, will help you stay active and energized during the cause of your day.  Do not hesitate to chew two or three squares of dark chocolate or a handful of almonds if you feel a fatigue creeping up. Vitamin C will, in turn, boost your immune system and give you an energy boost as well. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits and broccoli, for example, which can be eaten throughout the morning.  Ginseng, is an Asian root, which acts on the central nervous system in addition to containing vitamins and minerals. It is usually found in capsules, at the pharmacy or in organic stores.


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