The Reason Why You Would Want To Sell Your Own Property

The idea of ​​saving brokerage fees that are usually painfully paid to a real estate agent may seem very attractive, especially if and when the market is favourable. The important question that is worth asking ishow much is it really worth? Can we guarantee that we can save a on the money that should be paid to a realtor and avoid a fiasco happening? It is very possible, as long as you agree to work hard with some of the best professionals such as Brad Roemer.

The Pros

  • A potential financial gain for you – When you sell your home an intermediary, then you need to use other resources. The $ 2,000 that you will have to pay to surround yourself with the right specialists, however, represent very little compared to the 5 to 7% commission usually paid to the broker
  • The selling of home process is at your own pace – You may be more comfortable taking time to think about a proposal, analyze it, and perhaps even reject it even if it is interesting, in order to get the price that you had in mind.
  • Control and choice of visits – You open your door to whomever you want and you filter your calls yourself if you deem it necessary.
  • Better knowledge of your property – Which else can describe your home better than you can?

The Cons

 ·        Investment of time and energy – The sale of a home requires a full time involvement at all stages. Giving the fact that you will be taking full responsibility of the steps from planning to completion you will need to invest yourself completely to the cause  •·        Hard bargaining – The art of selling is not given to everyone. To get there, you must also detach yourself from your home. It may be hard to give in to a buyer that is wanting to buy your property for an amount that you feel is not worth it.  ·        Need support from a specialist – If you do not have the skills and contacts of a broker, you will need to find and hire specialists such as Brad in order to support you technically and legally, to avoid costly mistakes.  Finally, you will not be able to use the Multiple Listing Service to advertise your home, as it is strictly reserved for real estate brokers.


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