Solar energy is on the cutting edge of home technology and every day it becomes more accessible to install solar panels and cut your electric bill by a larger percentage. Although switching to solar is not an easy or cheap decision, it is a decision that can improve not only your electric bill, but overall quality of life as well.

A Brief History

Research into photovoltaic energy, or solar cells, started over 100 years ago in 1876 when William Adams discovered that when selenium was exposed to light it created electricity. At the time, the research was known to be of the utmost importance because it proved that light could be transformed into energy. Seventy years later, in 1956, solar panels first became available for purchase at $300 for a one watt solar cell. This price was far out of range for most people and it wasn’t until the 1990s that solar cells were well integrated into society. They showed up at railroad crossings and remote desert places to power homes; Australia expanded telecommunication capabilities by installing cells into their microwave towers. Today, solar energy is more accessible than ever and you may even see solar powered cars. The most recent technology in development is screen printed solar cells that are capable of siding a house.

Four Benefits

To help you weigh the benefits of installing solar energy into your home, here are four reasons that you should strongly consider going solar.

  • Solar energy first and foremost benefits the environment. The days of lower pollution are ahead and anyone who doesn’t switch now will need to eventually.
  • Solar energy will save money on your electric bill. Solar energy puts you in control of your energy bill and you won’t have to deal with utility companies raising your bill. Finding a company, such as SolarKraft, that is willing to offer low-cost solutions and an excellent warranty makes this a logical and affordable decision.
  • The actual solar panel installation is easy and safe with just a few bolts to secure them to your home.
  • If your solar panels are producing large amounts of money, you may be able to sell that energy to local power companies. If this is the case, the solar panels will actually pay for themselves over time.

Solar energy is a long-term solution for a cleaner and healthier way of life and as the number of homes with solar solutions in Australia continues to climb, more people realise that this is the future of energy. Although the decision to install solar energy into your home requires thought and lengthy consideration, remember the benefits and that solar energy in the future is capable of transforming not only your life, but the lives of people around the world as well.

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