If you’ve noticed that your closets seem to be piling up by the minute and all of your time is spent sifting through clothes there’s only one thing to do — create a capsule collection! If you’re unfamiliar with the term let me break it down for you. A capsule collection is a specific kind of wardrobe that contains a select number of items that help best express your personal style. Capsule collections are great if you’re looking to cut down on your clutter and even make a little cash by selling your old clothes. There are a few key elements that make up a capsule collection so let’s begin!

First things first, deciding how many pieces you want there to be in your wardrobe. Of course the number varies from person to person as needs for each individual differ greatly. If you have a larger closet or a constantly evolving style you may want a few more pieces than your typical capsule collection. A good, average number of pieces for a capsule collection is typically around 35. This of course doesn’t include socks, underwear, or pajamas. Once you’ve selected how big your new wardrobe will be it’s time to create it!

Start off by clearing out the clutter. Hold onto any basics or tried and true favorites. Really thinking critically about what you can do with out. This may seem difficult but if you haven’t worn something in six months you probably won’t wear it anytime soon. It can be hard letting go of special occasion wear that you wish you wore more often. When clearing the clutter it’s best to be realistic about what you need in order to achieve the best capsule collection possible.

After you’ve cleared out your closet, determined the number of pieces that will be going into your new wardrobe, it’s time to build it. Of course you may have a lot of basics left over from your old wardrobe but if not there’s where you’ll need to start. Basic pieces are items of clothing that everyone needs in their closet. They’re the building blocks for the wardrobe! Here’s an example of some closet basics; a pair of blue or black jeans, a solid white or black shirt, and sensible yet stylish shoes. These can all be used to build a marvelous outfit or they can be used to show off your casual side. Dress ‘em up or dress ‘em down, either way each closet has to have them.

Now that we’ve got the foundation for your fabulous new wardrobe laid down it’s time to build upon that. Adding funky pieces, special occasion dresses, and unique tops are a great way to showcase your style. So long as you’ve got the basic pieces to build on, creating a fun, stylish outfit will be a piece of cake every time.

A capsule collection is great for when you’re travelling too. This way you won’t have too much in your closet to dig through to find the most important items in your wardrobe. Now everything that you own is wearable and important to you. This makes it easier to pack light, travel light, and always look your best. If you enjoyed saving space you’ll enjoy saving money with Hotels.com! Enjoy deals on hotels, flight packages, and so much more.

Creating a capsule collection isn’t as hard as you might think and when you see how much closet space you can save it’s totally worth it!

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