Polished concrete flooring provides several amazing advantages compared to other flooring options. It is cost-effective, durable, and easy to clean.

A series of mechanical and chemical processes is used to polish and harden concrete surfaces. The result is a shiny, smooth surface that cleans easily and protects against dust mites, allergies, and mould growth. Here is a closer look at some of these advantages.

Polished Concrete Is Affordable

Perth polished concrete is often more affordable than covering your floor with a new material such as wood or carpeting. If you already have concrete flooring, the retrofitting process is also a cost-effective way to restore and improve your existing floors.

Besides the affordability of installation, polished concrete is less vulnerable to permanent damage that may require replacement or expensive repairs. Reducing the cost of maintenance and upkeep reduces the overall cost of choosing polished concrete.

Due to the shiny, hardened surface of polished concrete, there is no need for waxes and coatings that require occasional removal and replacement. Applying a new layer of wax or protective coating is time-consuming and may disrupt your daily operations. These issues are eliminated when you select polished concrete.

Polished Concrete Is Durable

As polished concrete is less prone to damage and normal wear and tear, it offers a longer service life than other flooring materials.

The polished flooring is also less likely to get damaged from tire marks from light- to medium-duty machines, such as forklifts in a warehouse setting. Oil and chemical spills are also less likely to stain the flooring and require the need for restoration.

Polished Concrete Cleans Easily

Another benefit of polished concrete is that it is easy to clean. You simply need to mop the floor occasionally to remove dirt and debris. Scuff marks from boots and shoes are easily wiped away without damaging the floor.

Polished Concrete Is Hygienic

The hardened surface is also dust-resistant. Dust mites and pollutants cannot penetrate the concrete flooring. This may reduce the risk of dust mite infestations and the presence of irritants that cause allergic reactions.

Unlike other flooring options that completely seal the concrete, polished concrete is breathable and resistant to moisture. These features prevent the growth and spread of mould spores.

Polished Concrete Looks Great

Many people also appreciate the look of polished concrete flooring. The smooth, reflective surface helps reflect light. This can help make spaces such as hallways and entryways appear bigger and brighter.

The bottom line is that polished concrete is incredibly durable and provides a smooth, attractive surface for any floor in your home or business. It may even help reduce the need for artificial lighting due to the reflectivity of the shiny surface.

If you are considering updating your flooring, polished concrete may be one of your best options.

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