Using water dispensers is the way in which most offices, gyms and other establishments dispense clean and fresh water to their employees/customers. These appliances are easy to set up and they begin operation as soon as they are plugged into a power supply. There are two kinds of water dispensers.

The first kind of dispenser needs a pure water supply and the other has a purification mechanism installed in the appliance itself. In the dispenser that has purification mechanism, the dispenser has to be kept near fresh water supply. For a water dispenser that uses pure water supply, generally 20L pure water bottles are used, which have to be replaced as soon as one finishes. Both dispensers are pretty common in all establishments and cleaning them up is quite similar. So, this guide would work for both. Here is a do-it-yourself guide for cleaning the water dispenser at your establishment:

  1. Unplug the Water Dispenser from the Power Supply:

The first and foremost step is disconnecting the water dispenser from the power supply. Although water dispensers are really robust and there is no way that you would get any kind of shock during cleaning operation, it is still advised to close the power supply if you want to clean the water tank as well. If you keep the power supply on, the water tank would keep getting filled when you try to empty it, so you should unplug the device before you start cleaning.

  1. Empty the Water Tank Completely:

After unplugging the water dispenser, the next step is emptying the tank. To empty the tank, you need to stop the water supply. This means removing the water bottle for just dispensers and shutting off the fresh water supply for purifiers and dispensers. Once the supply is shut off, you can just let water run out of the tap. To ensure that water isn’t wasted, collect it in a container and use it for other purposes. Emptying the water self-cleanses the water tank. Therefore, you don’t need to pry open the dispenser to clean it. Don’t try to open up the dispenser without prior training and only let service personnel handle that for you.

  1. Use a Soft Cloth to Wipe off Any Kind of Dirt on the Surface of the Dispenser:

The next step in cleaning a water dispenser on your own is to use a soft cloth to wipe off the exterior. The interiors are either automatically cleaned or draining of water tank cleans the interiors. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about dirt and dust inside the dispenser. You should use a soft cloth instead of abrasive or sharp objects so that the exterior isn’t damaged. Just wet the cloth and wipe off all the dirt from the surface of the dispenser. You should also keep the dispenser at least 15 cm away from the wall so that dirt and dust doesn’t get inside the coolants of the dispenser.

Once you have cleaned up the water dispenser and the exterior is dry, you can plug it back so that the water tank starts filling up. If you are worried about scaling or any kind of fouling in the RO membrane for the water dispensers that purifies your water, then the auto flushing system of the water dispenser would take care of that. You don’t have to open and clean up the membrane as this advanced feature helps in rapidly rinsing the impurities from the surface of the membrane to keep the membrane clean.

Follow these simple steps to clean up your dispenser on your own, but always contact authorized service personnel for fixing any kind of problem with the functionality of the dispenser.

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